Report of the survey results “Oil and gas projects of Eastern Siberia and the Far East”

  • an overview of the most promising investment projects in the Eastern Russia and the Far East (development of new oil and gas centers, building of transport and pipeline systems, gas processing and petrochemical production, etc.)
  • criteria for the selection of technologies and equipment in context of production localization (local content) and import substitution and many other facts crucial for further industry development and success in 2016.

Report “Data centres, Cloud and IoT”

Report on Data centres, Cloud and IoT, which provides:

  • An overview of the IT industry in Russia and abroad
  • Criteria for the selection of technologies and equipment by IT Directors in the context of localization and import substitution
  • Breakthrough technologies to transform the IT industry in the next 3 years and many other facts crucial for further industry development.

Report on LNG projects in Russia

This report provides:

  • News about large-scale LNG projects, such as Yamal LNG, Arctic LNG-2, Far East LNG, Baltic LNG and others.
  • Updates about small-scale LNG projects, including projects in the Pskov Region, Leningrad Region, Tatarstan, etc.
  • Technologies and equipment selection criteria for implementation of LNG projects and many other results of significant importance to the industry.

Webinar on Hydropower Projects

Request a recording of a webinar on Hydropower Projects and Climate Resilience (27 October, 2016) Find out how climate resilience was integrated in the upgrade of Central Asia HPPs. The expert speaker is Craig Davies, head of Climate Change Adaptation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), who talked about rehabilitation of Qairokkum Hydropower Station in Northern Tajikistan.

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