Putin vows tenfold Arctic shipping by 2025

Delivering his state-of-the-nation speech to the parliament on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted the importance of speeding up the countries infrastructure developments. The Arctic plays a strategical important role in the plan. «A number of large-scale industrial projects in the Arctic have already been launched,» Putin said and ensured those projects meet the strictest […]


LUKOIL exercises a comprehensive approach to the development of the Northern Caspian and intends to build a gas chemical complex in the Stavropol territory

In the course of the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Vagit Alekperov, Head of Lukoil, has reported on the results of company’s activities in 2017 and perspective projects for 2018. Lukoil demonstrated a dynamic growth in 2017. Total investment counted 500bn RUB. As Lukoil annually launches new offshore platforms in the Caspian Sea, in […]


Free webinar on Arctic (Yamal peninsula) Oil and Gas projects development

Head of the Energy Ministry has announced the following perspective development priorities for the Russian oil and gas industry: developing the Arctic and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, improving the oil and gas infrastructure, as well as boosting the LNG production. As reported by Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Russia is capable of […]

Request a report on the results of the study on construction and modernization of oil terminals

The report covers: The most representative innovative terminals: top 7 countries with the fastest growing storage industry and the most popular terminals to visit Hot issues of sector development: what drives storage industry to succeed Criteria for the selection of technologies and equipment: which areas lack innovations and many other crucial for further industry development […]

Get a report on Yamal and adjusting territories oil and gas investment projects

The analytical team of “Vostock Capital” has prepared an extensive report on Yamal and adjusting territories oil and gas investment projects, which provides: an overview of the most promising oil and gas investment projects in the region; major infrastructure and logistics projects in Yamal and the surrounding areas; criteria for the selection of technologies and […]

Report of the survey results “Oil and gas projects of Eastern Siberia and the Far East”

an overview of the most promising investment projects in the Eastern Russia and the Far East (development of new oil and gas centers, building of transport and pipeline systems, gas processing and petrochemical production, etc.) criteria for the selection of technologies and equipment in context of production localization (local content) and import substitution and many […]